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RackSolutions designs, builds, and ships innovative products for the racking industry. We design high quality, reasonably priced server racks and server rack accessories including open frame server racks, rack cabinets, wall mount racks, server rack shelves. Our products are made in the USA at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. These products are always readily available, because at RackSolutions we stock everything in our 64,000 square foot warehouse, the centerpiece of our distribution operation. We offer online ordering and same-day shipping for any order placed by 3 pm CDT. Some examples of our products include: PC wall mounts, KVMs, server racks in transport cases and PC All-in-Ones.


At RackSolutions, we are constantly developing new ways to help our clients overcome compatibility difficulties found in racking standards. RackSolutions engineers and tech support experts develop and deal with solutions to rack mounting issues daily. There really is no such thing as a standard, 19" server rack, and the Electronic Industries Association (EIA-310) doesn't address the inconsistencies in server rack standards. Considerations such as whether an open frame rack or server rack cabinet includes 2, 4 or even 6 upright posts aren't taken into account. Nor do the standards speak to the server racks’ mounting depth, hole type, upright shape, obstruction issues, etc. As our customers can attest, these attributes can all add complexity to the task of rack mounting equipment in server racks, which is where we come in. OEM server rack replacement rails (including Dell server rails), universal rack rails, 4 post adapter brackets, and 2 Post converters are common solutions that keep RackSolutions top of mind with our customers.


If RackSolutions doesn’t have a product on hand that a customer needs, we have the unique ability to design custom products at a reasonable cost to satisfy specific challenges. Examples include: monitor wall mounts for popular restaurant chains, rugged server rails for the Navy, and PC All-in-Ones for entire school districts. The team at RackSolutions takes pride in our ability to quickly provide innovative answers to exceptional problems.


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