HP DL380 G5 - Rackmount Rail Guide

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2U, 2Post Conversion Kit
4U Flush Mount Conversion Kit for 2Post Racks

+ HP Standard 2U Universal Rail Kit

Used for Most 19" 4Post Racks.

Compatible with both square and round holed racks.

Rack mounting depth must be between 22" and 35 3/4"

+ 2Post center mount

Use the HP standard 2U universal rail kit. Convert 2U of 2Post rack to 4Post using 2POST-2UKIT (One kit mounts one server)

Compatible with upright depths from 3 - 10" (76 - 254 mm)

+ 2Post flush mount

Use the standard 2U universal rail kit

Convert 4U of 2Post to 4Post using 4UKIT-003 (two servers per 4U kit)

Compatible with upright depths from 3 - 10" (76 - 254 mm)

+ 4Post Racks

Use the HP standard

Use 2UKIT-109 2U Universal Rail Kit

Tool-free support for racks with square, round holes

Adjustable rack depth 22 - 35.7" (559 - 907 mm)

Fits square, round holes

Thread types: 10-31, 12-24, metric M5, unthreaded

+ Wall Mounting

Use HP Universal Rail Kit

Use 2URACK-110 Wall Mount Kit

Rack Issues, Problems

Call RackSolutions if you have racking issues or if your rack is not in the ranges listed above.

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