How Sliding Shelves Make Servicing 2 Post Equipment Easy

2 Post racks often face limited mounting options compared to 4 Post Racks. While 2 Post racks serve their own purposes, sometimes customers have more custom needs that require a combination of the two. When it comes to sliding shelves, there aren’t many options for 2 post racks. The engineers at RackSolutions have come up with several designs for sliding shelves for 2 post. However, most of these designs have been coupled with our 2 Post conversion brackets. RackSolutions now has 2 standalone sliding shelves.

RackSolutions’ 2 Post Rack Sliding Half Shelf gives users the ability to slide shallow equipment out from the network rack for easy and efficient servicing. Initially, designed for lab testing small electronic devices, the shelf can be used to support a wide variety of shallow equipment such as laptops, and small home theater equipment, and shallow telecommunications equipment. This RackSolutions shelf can rackmount electronic equipment up to 10.3 inches deep on 2 post telco racks. The shelf features a high quality 16 GA steel and solid rivet construction, allowing the shelf to support up to 30 pounds while flush or rear mounted to the rack. The shelf can mount cantilever on either side of the uprights of a 2 post rack. High quality ball bearing slides allow the shelf to easily extend from the rack. Thumb screws allow the shelf to be locked into place. The shelf’s versatility also allows it to be mounted upside down, as well as flush or rear mounted to any 2 post relay or telco rack.Sliding 2 Post Half Shelf

While developed for the same project, RackSolutions’ Dual 2-Post Rack Sliding Shelf has noticeable differences. The main differences are that the shelf is dual-sided, allowing equipment to be stored on both ends. Each side of the shelf slides out independent from the other. Because it is dual sided, the shelf is also center mounted. Also unlike the Half Shelf, the dual sided shelf uses dry slides rather than ball bearing. The shelf also sits on a layer of galvanized steel for added support. Because the shelf is dry slide, thumb screws for locking the shelf in place is not necessary.Dual 2 Post Rack Sliding Shelf

RackSolutions’ sliding shelves offer a simple and versatile solution for mounting lightweight hardware to 2 Post Racks. The Sliding Half Shelf and the Dual 2-Post Rack Sliding Shelf offer make servicing rack mounted equipment easier than before.

Sliding Shelves Make Servicing 2 Post Equipment Easy
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Sliding Shelves Make Servicing 2 Post Equipment Easy
When it comes to sliding shelves, there aren’t many options for relay racks. RackSolutions' 2 Post Sliding shelves can make servicing Telco equipment easy.
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Sliding 2 Post Half Shelf