Getting data centers ready for disaster

Hurricanes can have a major impact on data center operations.

The East Coast of the United States is turning into a shining example of data center disaster recovery and preparation, as an earthquake recently struck Virginia, sending tremors throughout as far as New England, and a hurricane is expected to sweep through the entire coastal region in the coming days. According to a recent TechTarget […]

Stream Data Centers moving to Texas

Stream Data Centers recently announced plans to open a new data center in Texas.

Stream Data Centers recently announced plans to develop a new data center property filled with server racks and state-of-the-art infrastructure in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The new Stream Private Data Center will be built from the ground up and will eventually be built into a 72,500-square-foot facility. The company decided to construct the […]

The business case for data center upgrades

Technological investments can pay off in the data center.

Data centers are complex facilities where equipment on server racks, power systems and cooling infrastructure must work in concert with other technological platforms to operate effectively. As a result, an upgrade in one area may require consequent enhancements to other parts of the facility’s operations. According to a recent InfoWorld report, this rule of upgrades […]

East Coast earthquake has minimal impact on data centers

An earthquake that struck most of the East Coast had almost no impact on data centers.

A recent earthquake with an epicenter in Virginia, but an overall affect felt through the Carolinas and as far north as New England, had minimal impact on data center operations, as equipment on server racks was unscathed, and many operators report almost no disruption to services, PCWorld reported. According to the news source, many data […]