Having the right tools for the job: RackSolutions provides essential help in TRG Datacenters Hurricane Laura server migrations

Over the weekend TRG Datacenters was contacted to help with Hurricane Laura relief and migrate servers from Lake Charles to their Houston data center.

Over the span of 36 hours they got 27 small businesses back online and helped thousands get back to work.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do this so smoothly without the right tools for the job,” said CTO of TRG Datacenters Chris Hinkle. “I called RackSolutions on Friday and asked for racks and shelves to be delivered no later than Monday. They were the reason we were able to do this migration. Without those racks we wouldn’t have been able to even think about doing a migration of this scale in such little time.”

A team of TRG staff travelled to Lake Charles to pick up servers from their previous location and bring them to their data center in Houston, Texas. Over the weekend TRG Data Centers set up the companies’ cabinets, fiber, cross connects and power. They were then able to help these businesses send out their employees paychecks and get them back online and able to work within days.

TRG Datacenters initially partnered with RackSolutions based on the amount of options we carried on specialty equipment, it also helped that we are based in Texas and American made. While it’s always nice to have a partner that’s local, you don’t think you’ll ever need anything that fast until you do. We were able to get them specialty gear within a days’ notice and and reaffirm why our solid relationship is so important.

TRG and RackSolutions