5 Year Analysis on Data Center Spending

Market Research Hub Releases 5 Year Analysis on Data Center Trends

Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently released their latest major research report, which is titled, “Datacenter Deployment Spending Market: Global Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, Size, Trends and Forecast – 2017-2022.” This report offers in-depth analysis on a variety of topics that directly impact the data center trends in the industry today, and what is expected over the next five years.

This report is intended primarily for IT service providers, consulting services, cloud service companies, system integrators, data center vendors, ISPs, colocation providers, edge computing providers, and others in the IT industry. Even those who work outside the industry can benefit from many aspects of this report. Private companies that use data center services, or manage their own private data center, for example, will gain valuable information from reading this report.

Readers will find a wide range of different information contained within this report, including the following key topics of interest:

  • Global Market – This section looks at the global market for data center deployment. It is categorized by end user as well as by build type.
  • Growth Rates – The specific growth expectations based on industry, data center type, region, and more.
  • Trends – With edge computing and cloud computing growing at rapid rates, these areas are likely to get a lot of attention in the next several years.
  • Company Investment – Key tech companies including AT&T HP, Equinix, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and others directly impact the overall data center industry in significant ways.
  • Strategic Steps – Strategic concepts that can be used by those in the data center industry to make investment decisions for the future.
  • Revenues – The revenue of different types of data centers broken down by size, geographic location, and other factors.
  • Region – Information about how the data center industry is working in different regions around the globe including major markets like North America and Europe as well as emerging markets such as Africa.

There are many other sections to the report, each of which provide valuable insights into the present and future of the data center industry.

Market Research Hub

The research company, Market Research Hub, is one of the best-known research providers for data center trends in the industry. They have a significant collection of different reports that have been used by data center professionals for years. This experience within the industry allows them to produce top-notch research and reporting for those who work in directly or indirectly with data centers.

Their reporting is produced independently, which helps to ensure everything is fact based and not biased toward one sponsored business. Those who are interested in reading this report can find it in full HERE.