2014 Expected To Be The Year Of Cloud Computing

What are the two words being whispered in the tech industry that has caused everyone to throw in their predictions for 2014: cloud computing. Nobody can consider it a passing fad anymore as more businesses are seeking to house their entire IT infrastructures on hosted cloud networks or in private data centers.

Businesses Looking For The Perfect Cloud For Operations

With public and private cloud providers boosting security measures with businesses asking for encryption of data even before it enters the cloud, security fears have eased across the board. Now, the current 2014 trend is to customize the cloud to suit business operations. More industries are looking for hybrid cloud services that combine the best parts of private cloud (scalability and flexibility) with the public cloud elements of dependability and security.

Another growing trend for cloud computing is more competition between cloud product companies. In the past, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the only big-time tech company offering good remote computing services as they are expected to roll out numerous PaaS (platform as a service) products this year. Yet industry experts now predict that Microsoft, Google and Apple will enter the cloud computing arena and bring their own platform versions to consumers.

Businesses Will Be Changing Their IT Infrastructures

With data, equipment and storage services all housed off-premises, IT departments everywhere will have to re-evaluate their strategies to adopt these new changes. Growing trends expected to appear in 2014 will be that IT departments will stop blocking cloud services that deliver operational value to the business. Also, IT departments will start to become an enabler when it comes to social, mobile, analytics, cloud and security (SMACS) trends.

In addition, IT departments will have to develop more of an understanding about the company’s line of business (LOBs) needs. They will have to create long-range cloud planning that will be able to evolve with the company when the company’s operations evolve. Big Data will grow even larger in 2014 as IT departments have to find ways to balance larger software and hardware storage devices with private cloud services without hampering accessibility of important data information.

Be Prepared For The Coming Of Cloud Computing

Companies everywhere should pay special attention to the cloud during 2014. They should not be left behind concerning this new computing platform as their competitors will certainly take advantage of this business strategy.

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