42U Server Racks – Giving You Room To Grow

42U Server Cabinets offer customers a variety of benefits that help them to protect their servers and technology. Understanding why these particular cabinets are a good idea for many people and businesses can help people make an informed decision when they set out to buy server cabinets. Here is the information that everyone in the market should know.

Features of 42U Server Cabinet

These server cabinets offer 42U of rackable space, making them perfect for those needing plenty of server space. There is an adjustable mounting depth of 6″ to 30″, so people can use the cabinets with a variety of server sizes. The overall rack depth of 39″ offers plenty of room as well. Universal square holes and cage nuts help ensure that use is convenient and secure. Cable pass throughs are in both the top and bottom of the rack for easy use as well. They are compatible with both Dell, HP, and IBM as well. Anyone using servers with these specifications should consider these server cabinets. Each one meets or exceeds the regulations that have been put for by the EIA and other organizations.

What are the benefits of a 42U Server Cabinet over other options?

These secure racks are specifically designed for servers and come with 76% perforation on doors, which enables the enclosure to exceed OEM air flow requires. This allows the cabinet to protect servers and avoid overheating and related problems. The doors and sides are removable, lockable, and reversible, so it is easy to store and secure the servers within the cabinet. Those interested in further securing their cabinet to keep their servers safe, can also upgrade their locks to a more secure latch. The 42U server cabinet also has a 1670 lb, or 762 kgs, capacity. With a weight limit so high, users do not have to worry about easily exceeding the maximum for the capacity and damaging their cabinet or servers. Customers also have options over having a fully enclosed server rack or elected to have an open frame rack depending upon their preferences and personal needs.

The 42U Server Cabinet helps customers to secure their servers and protect their technology. The various features and advantages of this particular model should offer anyone in the market for a server cabinet with a high capacity to carefully consider this model.

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42U server racks offer 42U of rackable space, an adjustable mounting depth of 6" to 30", and an overall rack depth of 39" making them perfect for those needing plenty of server space in their racks.
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