Cloud provider upgrading New Jersey data center

QTS recently announced plans to upgrade its New Jersey data center in an effort to expand its cloud services through IT infrastructure that can support more customers or larger plans from current customers.

The new facility will feature a number of new enhancements, including 50,000 square-feet of new raised floor space to support server racks and other storage compartments, and an upgrade to the power system that will let it support 5 MW of electricity and increased cooling capacity.

“This significant investment indicates the commitment we have to continuing our growth in the region and catering to our customers’ business needs through greater flexibility and scalability,” said Tesh Durvasula, chief marketing and business officer for QTS.

Durvasula said the new upgrades will improve the company’s growing space, power and connectivity needs. As a result, it will be able to reach a wider base of customers and serve current patrons better.

Expanding data center operations in response to growing cloud computing needs is a global trend. Recently, Equinix announced plans to open a fourth data center in Paris to deliver its financial industry service capabilities.