Company Installs Data Center Power Supply In Record Time

When a data center supplier found itself needing more than 4 megawatts of 2N power as soon as possible, NxGen Modular was able to step in and install the new power units in record time, EC&M reports.

According to the report, this incident is a sign of the growing data center trend toward modular design and construction.

In the past, data centers were built to last with huge, fortress-like structures. Now, speed-to-market is becoming as important as total cost of ownership in data center development, and businesses are using modular design concepts to improve data center flexibility, the report said.

During the power supply incident that inspired the report, the manufacturer was able to construct the new power units in a matter of weeks. They were then tested at the manufacturer’s headquarters and shipped to the data center site. Within 10 hours, the new power supplies were installed and the expansion was complete.

The largest modular data center in the world recently opened in Northern New Jersey. I/O Data Centers recently refit an old New York Times plant with modular data center infrastructure. The site boasts approximately 830,000 square-feet of space for equipment racks and other server enclosures.