Data Center Efficiency Becoming a Complicated Issue

At first glance, improving data center efficiency seems like a simple issue of improving lighting systems, enhancing airflow, adding monitoring systems and making sure power is delivered to equipment on server racks without any trouble.

However, a recent GreenerComputing report said the apparent simplicity of improving data center efficiency is not entirely accurate. Instead, the complexity of data center environments makes upgrades for sustainability difficult to install.

The report details a consultant’s experience stepping in for a short-term project with a data center service provider. The consult came in thinking he could quickly initiate a number of simple efficiency upgrades and make life better for everyone.

After a short period with the company, he realized that most of his easy solutions had already been considered, and the staff was too busy handling everyday tasks to find new solutions. This complexity made upgrading a complex and challenging task.

While improving data center efficiency may be challenging, it is essential. As a result, many companies are investing in efficiency-related solutions. SynapSense is among those companies, as it recently invested $16 million in energy monitoring systems, GigaOm reported.