Dell planning major investments in new data centers

Dell server racks are about to be sent around the globe, as company founder and CEO, Michael Dell, recently said in an interview with news provider the Australian that the company has plans to build new data centers in at least 10 countries.

According to Dell, the cloud computing industry is growing fast, and the company is moving quickly to develop new data centers that can support the global demand for secure, cloud services.

Dell specifically cited the potential of the public cloud as a motivational force in the new data center projects.

“What we’re finding is customers want to take advantage of the economics of the public cloud, but they really don’t want a public cloud … what they want is a private, secure cloud that has a level of assurance and security with it,” Dell told the news source.

The move from small data centers in individual businesses to larger facilities running more servers with advanced technologies is also pushing the company to engage in new projects, Dell said.

Dell has been a busy player in the data center industry throughout this month. Earlier, the company announced it will work with the OpenStack project, lending its architectural and integration expertise to the initiative.