Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails – Convenience and Performance

The Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails offer convenience and improved work performance. Business needs are constantly changing as businesses grow and improve. The lack of storage space is the major complaint of most business owners. They have the equipment, put they have little room to store it.

Cheap flimsy server racks are not strong enough the handle the weight of powerful, industrial machinery. Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails are guaranteed to hold the heaviest equipment. Rack rails offer support for all Dell racks.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Tooled and non tooled installation

  • Compliant Square / Unthread hole for 2 and 4 post racks

  • Supports all Dell racks

  • Compatible with PowerEdge R610 and R710

  • Compatible with most conversion kits

  • Works with universal thumb screws

  • Mounting depth 18 to 31 ½ inches

  • Universal usage: equipment, cabinets and open frame

  • Standard rack size 19 inches

  • Sliding side rails

  • Made from solid steel

  • Alternative center or flush mounting

  • Cable management arm (optional)

Dell PowerEdge Rack Rails are easy to install with or without tools. They function well in a number of settings. Mostly used in data centers and office settings, the Dell rack rails prove to be an invaluable piece of equipment. Expensive equipment is stored up high to prevent accidental damage.

When installed properly the rack rails can provide protection for hundreds of computers, printers and monitors. Even in the medical industry, the rack rails are designed to hold ultrasound machines, and so much more. The chance of the rack rails falling apart is slim. The rails are securely mounted and the mounting depth is preset to provide extra security for all equipment types.

The sliding feature is constructed with heavy duty stainless steel and so are the ball bearings. The sliding feature design is an upgrade from the standard R710, because it is more suitable for rack servers with square holes, and not rounded holes.

With the no installation needed feature added, the PowerEdge R710 provides functionality, easy management and low cost storage to businesses looking for a permanent mounting solution. The only tool needed to complete the mounting installation of the Dell PowerEdge R710 rack rails is a sturdy Philips head screwdriver.

+Katrina is a product specialist for RackSolutions, the market leader for designing and manufacturing custom racking products for the IT industry! You can read more about our company here

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Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails - Convenience and Performance
Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails offer convenience and improved performance. Business needs are changing and lack of storage space is the major complaint.
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