Digital Realty Trust Finding Success in Texas

The Digital Realty Trust has found another tenant for its redeveloped, state-of-the-art data center in Datacenter Park – Dallas, which it recently opened in Richardson, Texas. This means the facility is now fully rented.

According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, the multi-tenant facility boasts approximately 105,000 square feet of space for open frame racks and other equipment. It also has approximately 13 megawatts of electricity to support IT systems.

The data center is designed to provide robust and diverse hosting services, and it now includes space for clients in financial services, consumer products, colocation and international network services, the report said.

Datacenter Park – Dallas features a number of facilities of varied sizes. The Digital Realty Trust is currently redeveloping a number of the buildings on the site as part of its plans to serve the rapidly growing data center market in the region. The site features fiber-optic network connectivity from multiple providers, 40 megawatts of power with enough capacity to expand to 125 megawatts and more than 750,000 square feet of total data center space.

The Digital Realty Trust is now moving to the second phase of its upgrades and new leasing movement at the park, creating more opportunities for expansion, according to the report.

Brent Behrman, senior vice president at Digital Realty Trust, told the news source that the data center park’s access to inexpensive power and the company’s efforts to upgrade the facility make the park one of the premier hosting locations in the region.

“Our redevelopment of the property is delivering first-class data center space to a market that has very strong demand from companies based in north Texas as well as from national and multinational corporations with operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Regardless of size, our customers can expect the same high level of quality, reliability, security and attention at all of our facilities,” Behrman told Data Center Knowledge.

The Digital Realty Trust has been expanding aggressively recently. The company has announced plans to purchase new land near London to expand its footprint in the region. Furthermore, Data Center Knowledge reported the company plans to expand even further than the initial land purchase near London.