Energy Management Critical in Cloud Data Centers

Industry studies from Microsoft and other technology leaders have claimed that cloud computing helps equipment stored in server racks run more efficiently abound, but cloud service providers have been lax in releasing details about cloud efficiency.

At the recent Green Economy – 2nd Annual Business & Leadership Briefing, industry expert, Tom Rafferty, said cloud providers need to reveal such information or risk reducing the validity of claims that the technology is more efficient.

Rafferty said he understands that the core elements of cloud computing can make data centers and servers more efficient, but he still wants to see documented results.

One of the key ways that cloud computing can support efficiency in the data center is by improving server utilization rates. Typically servers are only operated at approximately 8 percent capacity, he said, wasting significant amounts of energy. However, cloud computing allows data center managers to utilize servers fully and maximize productivity.

Cloud computing is currently set to be one of the major trends in the data center industry during the next decade, Continuity Central reports. The report anticipates private, public and hybrid clouds to all develop a lasting place in the data center industry.