GM Planning New Data Center in Detroit

General Motors is planning to build a new consolidated data center as an extension to its current Cadillac facility in Detroit.

The plans came forward in a Michigan Economic Development Corporation memorandum, which featured GM’s request for a $10 million tax credit that would help fund the project. GM said that the new project is expected to create at least 24 jobs in the region.

Buying new server racks and building a consolidated data center is growing as an industry trend because consolidated facilities tend to be more economically and environmentally efficient.

GM’s new facility will be a $130 million investment onto a 30-acre patch of land connected to the company’s Warren Tech Center. The move comes as part of a larger project in which GM is beginning to reinvent its U.S. manufacturing infrastructure and expand domestic operations.

A recent Computerworld report compiled a number of industry studies to conclude that data center workloads are on the rise. As data center equipment processes more information, consolidation is becoming more popular to reduce power and cooling infrastructure while handling larger data capacities.