Intel finds success with free cooling in Russia

Images of vast expanses of land covered with snow that never really goes away are not uncommon when thinking about Russia. Intel has taken that natural climate and put it to use by building a data center in the region that uses free cooling.

According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, Intel’s largest data center in Russia features server racks loaded with approximately 1,000 servers. To maintain this space while remaining energy efficient, the company takes advantage of Russia’s cold winter to use free cooling and other air-economization techniques.

The report said the data center features an incredibly efficient air-economization platform that uses cold air from outside to keep servers cool while feeding exhaust heat from equipment into the utility system that keeps offices and other parts of the facility warm.

Taking advantage of a region’s climate to optimize data center efficiency is a growing trend in the industry, and it is making Colorado Springs, Colorado, a popular data center destination. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Walmart is seriously considering building a new data center in the city.