I/O Data Centers Opens World’s Largest Modular Data Center

The largest modular data center in the world was recently opened in Edison, New Jersey, as I/O Data Centers completed a project that will help it dramatically improve its service capacity.

I/O Data Centers serves public sector organizations and major companies by providing them with mission critical data center resources. The company’s expansion into its new facility, which boasts more than 830,000 square-feet of space for server rack cabinet enclosures and other hardware contained in modular compartments, combines with a number of other modular data center projects to expand the company’s data center footprint.

The new data center is located in a building that was once occupied by the New York Times, and its prime location allows the company to provide customers with a high-speed internet connection from two of the world’s largest IP backbones.

Modular data centers are quickly becoming more popular throughout the world. At a recent event in Singapore, IBM showed off its new modular data infrastructure. The containerized data center system allows companies to stack up to three units on top of each other to maximize data center space.

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I/O Data Centers Opens World's Largest Modular Data Center - RackSolutions
I/O Data Centers recently open up the largest modular data center in the world in Edison, New Jersey, housing 830,000 square-feet of portable data center equipment.
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