IPv6 Matters in the Data Center

Migrating to the IPv6 internet address protocol is becoming a priority for many companies, and it may be especially important in the data center, because servers and other hardware on universal server rails need to be equipped to handle a IPv6-based transmissions.

According to a recent Infoblox survey, most businesses are not ready for IPv6 migration. The survey was completed in anticipation of World IPv6 Day, and found most companies are woefully unprepared for IPv6 migration.

Key results uncovered by the survey include the finding that 80 percent of respondents feel they are not educated enough about IPv6, while half of all respondents still do not know which parts of their network infrastructure are IPv6-compatible.

This lack of information concerning IPv6 is further complicated by outdated network management procedures. The survey found 41 percent of respondents still manually track incoming IP addresses and store them in spreadsheets.

Businesses working to get IPv6-ready need to upgrade their own hardware but also have to communicate with data center service providers to ensure infrastructure is compatible. Global Crossing, a networking provider that offers many data center services, recently announced plans to increase customer support to encourage IPv6 users on World IPv6 Day.