Kundra Addresses Data Center Consolidation One More Time

Vivek Kundra, CIO of the U.S. federal government, recently spoke at the White House to address important issues that still need to be covered even though he is leaving the position to take a job at Harvard University.

During the speech, Kundra saw fit to once again address the issue of data center consolidation and how the government should respond to the growing industry trend.

Data center consolidation is a process that typically increases the amount of equipment on server racks in order to reduce the number of facilities needed to support IT operations. This increased rack density is then combined with virtualization to increase data center efficiency dramatically.

Kundra has stood firm as a major proponent of federal consolidation efforts, and he maintained that position as he discussed key issues at the White House. Kundra said he believes the government can operate with only a few data centers.

While Kundra remains confident about government data center consolidation, a recent MeriTalk study found many federal IT leaders are struggling to measure consolidation benefits and apply them to other areas.