Letting Data Centers Run Hot is Not Gaining Traction

Leading companies in the data center industry have been experimenting with operating data centers at higher temperatures for a few years. Overall, these tests have proven that servers on equipment racks can be allowed to run at higher temperatures without significant risk of failure.

However, Zahl Limbuwala, chairman of the data center specialist group at BCS, said most companies are not buying into the idea of running data centers at hotter temperatures.

Limbuwala told an audience at the recent Google European Data Center Efficiency Summit that most businesses are still operating their data centers at low temperatures. He said the movement to let facilities get hotter has not had the kind of impact industry leaders expected.

According to Data Center Knowledge, it is widely believed that data center managers can reduce cooling energy consumption in the facility by 4 percent for every degree of heat added to the server’s operating temperature.

Cooling is becoming especially critical in legacy data centers, where innovative systems are not always easy to install. According to a recent ZDNet report, aisle cooling is emerging as a key technology for temperature management in legacy data center environments.