Lincoln Rackhouse obtains new data center space

The Lincoln Property Company’s data center division, known as the Lincoln Rackhouse, recently acquired a 150,000-square-foot building in Plano, Texas, to serve as a new data center.

The structure was built to house server rack cabinet enclosures and other data center solutions and is an ideal site for expansion. The construction was formed around Tier 3 data center standards, making the facility incredibly secure and reliable.

Some of the noteworthy features of the Tier 3 data center include redundant, separate and diverse power feeds and reinforced concrete walls and roofing. The extensive wall and roof construction can withstand winds of up to 175 miles-per-hour.

The new data center has also been designed with expansion in mind and features a number of key attributes that will support further construction and increased capacity.

“Today’s high density data center users are searching for robust and secure environments within purpose built facilities, not converted warehouses or manufacturing buildings,” said Martin Peck, managing director for Lincoln Rackhouse.

New data centers keep popping up in Texas. Last month, Cisco opened a new facility in Allen, Texas. The structure was designed to feature energy efficient data center protocols and showcase Cisco’s unified fabric technologies.