Lockheed Martin Partnering for Consolidation

Lockheed Martin recently announced that it will partner with U.S. federal agencies to assist the government in its data center consolidation efforts.

The new partnership is operated through the Department of Energy and is aimed at using Lockheed Martin’s expertise to help improve data center efficiency and make facilities operate in a more sustainable manner.

This is the first Federal Energy Savings Performance Contract that is designed to improve efficiency through IT systems, and it will target improving efficiency as the government engages in a large-scale, data center consolidation process.

Greg Caplan, senior manager for energy performance contracting at Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions civil division, said the contract could help reduce expenses throughout the consolidation process.

“As our customers are challenged to reach sustainability targets under immense budget pressures, and we hope to share and replicate this model as a way to get there and improve IT infrastructure in the process,” said Caplan.

Data center consolidation, a process that involves running equipment in server racks at higher utilization rates, has significant implications on operational efficiency. A recent TechTarget report explains that server consolidation puts more data in less space, making WAN upgrades critical to support consolidation initiatives.