Mid-market, the prime territory for server sales war

Server sales are highly competitive with IBM, Dell, HP, Fujitsu and Oracle all pushing to dominate similar markets with technology designed to be mounted in a variety of server racks. However, these five leading companies are primarily fighting over mid-market territories, DataCenter Dynamics reported.

According to the report, the five of leading server manufacturers are moving quickly to take hold in the mid-market, and a few major product releases show how hotly these industry leaders are fighting for this space.

One prominent example of this is the recent release of IBM’s zEnterprise 114 mainframe series. The report explained the enterprise-class z-series servers were released in July 2010, and the company is now expanding the high-performance models to the mid-market.

The report said IBM’s new mainframes are being marketed as consolidation solutions for the mid-market, allowing companies to replace multiple x86 servers.

The U.S. federal government is among the major proponents for data center consolidation. The government is rapidly accelerating its consolidation efforts and is planning to close more data centers than initially expected during the next few years.