Minnesota County Courting Data Center Projects

Trying to convince businesses to build data centers within a region is becoming wildly popular as a way to boost a region’s economy. Recently, Lake County, Minnesota, completed a new fiber-to-the-home project that will be used to court data center projects, the Lake County News-Chronicle reported.

Chris Swanson, a local business owner who worked with the Google Experience project that helped support regional fiber-to-the-home installations, told the news source he was surprised by how popular Minnesota could be for data centers.

Swanson explained he did not realize the power that a cold climate could have to lure data center owners to a region. However, after realizing how much most facilities spend to keep equipment on 24U racks cool, Minnesota seemed ideal for new projects.

Paul Bergman, commissioner for Lake County, has been leading the project to lure major telecoms, such as Verizon, to the region, the report said.

A recent TechTarget report explained free cooling is growing in popularity because it lets data center designers develop a system that encourages the dissipation of hot air while letting cold air from outside reach servers.