New York data centers getting assistance

The Consolidated Edison Company of New York and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recently announced a new partnership aimed at helping data centers in the region operate more efficiently.

Through the agreement, the two companies will offer opportunities to enhance environmental efficiency to data centers in New York City and Westchester County, New York. This will be accomplished through programs for technical assistance and financial incentives that reward data centers that enact new sustainable technologies and policies.

“New York State has a high concentration of mission-critical data centers. Data centers have historically maximized uptime and reliability without always focusing on energy efficiency,” said Rebecca Craft, director of energy efficiency programs for Con Edison.

Craft explained the partnership is designed to help those mission-critical data centers act with a focus on environmental efficiency and improve their IT operations.

Operating reliably and efficiently is critical in mission critical data centers because businesses depend on those systems to remain operational. A recent TechNewsWorld report said ecommerce companies are uniquely challenged to keep servers and other hardware in equipment racks operating efficiently. To address efficiency concerns, the report said ecommerce companies should focus on improving data center technologies.