Open Data Center Alliance Releases Cloud Standards

Equipment on server racks and other data center hardware are becoming more connected to the cloud as each day passes. With this in mind, the Open Data Center Alliance has released new standards to help businesses address the needs of new cloud computing systems.

The alliance has released eight new usage models that will help data centers, businesses and other cloud users deploy the technology securely, reliably and effectively. This could be a key stage in cloud computing’s development, as many industry experts have been calling for cloud standards during the past two years.

The data center alliance consists of more than 250 companies that combine to spend more than $100 billion annually on IT services. As a result, the group designing these standards has plenty of experience dealing with innovative technologies.

The alliance said it expects this experience to pay off by giving companies insight on how to deploy the cloud successfully. As a result, the alliance said it believes these standards will save businesses a total of $25 billion.

Successful cloud deployment is especially critical in the data center, because hosting providers depend on technological infrastructure to support the cloud. A recent Trend Micro survey found 43 percent of respondents have experienced a security issue with their cloud provider, showing a clear need for technological improvements for security in the data center.