Power Infrastructure Key to Energy Efficient Data Centers

Developing a data center’s power infrastructure to improve the facility’s environmental sustainability and Power Usage Efficiency is not simply a matter of deploying a redundant power system that uses efficient energy sources. Instead, improving PUE is also dependent on both component and software levels, IT BusinessEdge reports.

According to the report, equipment stored on such platforms as server racks and wall mounted racks will draw power in varying degrees. By adopting hardware components that are capable of operating efficiently at this core level, data centers can drastically improve their overall PUE.

Software solutions can also improve power management, the report said, as monitoring software can help data center administrators identify areas where excessive power is being used, allowing them to retain balance throughout the data center.

Component and software-based improvements can have a drastic impact on PUE, but true energy efficiency is achieved when these solutions are integrated with the rest of the power infrastructure to maximize sustainability, the report said.

Speaking at the recent Technology Convergence Conference, Dean Nelson, Senior Director of global data center services at eBay, said granular architectures can improve power management. By altering processor clock speeds based on server utilization, energy use can be reduced, Nelson said.