Power Reduction Breeds Success

Reducing power consumption in the data center can be critical to a facility’s financial and technological success, according to a recent TechRepublic report.

Power consumption is a growing problem in the data center because a number of industry trends are coming together to create data center conditions that use significant amounts of power.

However, adopting policies that overcome these issues and reduce power consumption in the data center can help an organization improve its revenues by cutting down the power bill. Such policies will also help companies add new data center capacity.

According to the report, adding new hardware to server racks can be challenging for data center managers whose facilities are already operating at maximum capacity. Integrating technologies that reduce power consumption can free the administration to add necessary hardware, the report said.

To reduce power in one of its data centers, Google turned to seawater as a cooling mechanism. By locating the facility in an old industrial plant with access to cold seawater, the company was able to convert the water into cooling infrastructure to keep equipment at low temperatures without significant energy use.