Report: Data Center Architecture Set to Change

Historically, businesses have established data center infrastructure to keep devices cool and well managed by spreading them out over a larger space. Server racks would be kept far apart and often left half empty.

According to a recent report from the Financial Director, changes in the IT industry are changing this dynamic. Increased data use is forcing companies to invest in more servers, and growing commercial ownership prices are pushing data centers into smaller amounts of space.

As a result, cooling measures are being elevated to deal with more devices in a smaller space. This, in turn, is leading to more power consumption. The report said these trends are creating high operating costs for servers.

This is creating a new trend for consolidation in the data center. The report said companies are using virtualization to maximize server workloads and are therefore deploying fewer devices.

However, running devices at maximum load can create heating and power issues, and according to a recent report from DataCenter Dynamics, many facilities are simply not equipped to handle the new power and cooling systems used to keep devices running safely. As a result, companies are having to develop more creative ways to keep their equipment operational, the report said.