Uncertainty looms for data center fabrics

Equipment racks are becoming more complex as cloud computing and other emerging technologies force data centers to equip various new technologies within the rack. To solve this complexity, many organizations are deploying unified fabric solutions to reduce complexity.

According to a recent CTO Edge report, a significant fissure is developing in the unified fabric sector because tension is developing between open source and vendor-specific fabric solutions.

The report said cloud computing companies are strongly in favor of open source data center fabric solutions. The overall ideal, from their perspective, is having a truly open and integrated data center that can flexibly adapt to new technologies.

However, enterprise data center users want a simple, out-of-the-box type of solution that will integrate their various data center equipment and require minimal maintenance. As a result, they tend to favor vendor-specific data center fabric solutions.

Cisco recently expanded its unified fabric platform with an overhaul of its entire data center portfolio. The upgrades are designed to instill data center fabric ideals into all of the company’s UCS servers, storage systems and data center Nexus switches.