University of Virginia Moving to a New Data Center

The University of Virginia recently completed its state-of-the-art data center and is in the process of migrating IT services to the new equipment racks.

The university had outgrown its previous data center and had been struggling to maintain IT services while the facility was over its capacity.

A statement on the University of Virginia’s website said the existing data center was operating well beyond capacity and beyond any practical or efficient means of expansion.

During the migration, those using the university’s IT services can expect a few outages or reduced performance. However, the problems should be well worth it, because the new facility features 5,500 square-feet of raised floor space for server rack cabinet enclosures. It is features a power system capable of providing 1 megawatt of power. The data center’s power infrastructure also features a 2.5-MW backup generator to provide electrical redundancy.

Data center expansions are becoming more common in a number of different sectors. According to a recent Digital Realty Group survey of European businesses, 82 percent of respondents plan to expand their data center footprint in 2011.