Walmart closer to data center decision

Walmart has been considering a new data center project in Colorado Springs, Colorado but has not yet settled on whether it will go through with the process.

Josh Phair, spokesperson for Walmart, recently told the Colorado Springs Gazette the company expects to make a decision sometime in late June or early July, but it still needs to do more research on the data center site before committing to build a new facility and fill it with server racks.

According to the news source, local officials are confident Walmart will choose Colorado Springs for its new facility.

If Walmart approves the project, it would construct a 136,000-square-foot data center in Colorado Springs. The facility would cost approximately $100 million and be settled on a 24-acre plot of land.

Local government and educational organizations have pledged $2.5 million in tax incentives to encourage Walmart to build the data center.

Colorado Springs is a popular data center destination, in part because of its climate which supports free cooling. This same principle is making Russia a popular data center location for some companies. Data Center Knowledge reported Intel has found success building an efficient data center in the country.