Water becoming a key tool for data center efficiency

Google recently unveiled a data center cooled by seawater, and PEER 1 Hosting is using a water spraying system to keep equipment on server racks cooled. These strategies show the growing importance of water as a cooling tool in data center environments.

According to a recent New York Times report, both projects follow an ideal set forth in a three-year-old research study from Jonathan Koomey, a consulting professor at Stanford University. The report said Koomey is currently working on updating the study, but its overall message remains true – data centers are using a growing amount of power and need to be more efficient.

The new facilities from Google and PEER 1 Hosting represent how many companies are using innovative and creative technologies to improve data center efficiency to make the industry more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Facebook is another company that emphasizes efficiency in data center design. A recent Data Center Knowledge report said the company will open a new facility in North Carolina during the first quarter of 2012. The data center will likely use exhaust heat as a utility to keep office spaces warm during cold months.