Are Public Clouds Safer Than Private Data Centers?

Cloud skeptics have always had security concerns about public data storage. But the evidence has largely diffused them. It seems it’s a considerably greater risk running one’s own data center. But it can be difficult to put it out of mind if you’ve got sensitive data floating around up there.

The cloud is actually much safer than you might think. Before we get into why, just consider that it might be the name that’s got us feeling so insecure about the cloud. Here’s good news- it’s not really floating around like a cloud. It’s inside real physical computers just like everything else on the Internet.

public-cloud-securityPrivate clouds use older tech than public clouds.
For this reason alone, the encryption tends to be a bit tighter than private storage.

Public clouds keep costs low.
The maintenance costs are shared with public clouds, making security cheaper for everyone.

Public clouds are more flexible.
It’s pretty hard to exhaust the data capacity of a public cloud. They tend to grow faster than they are consumed.

Public clouds are hardened by constant hacking attempts. 
The code behind public clouds have been the targets of hacking attacks non-stop ever since the first one was announced. This is probably because hackers thought they would be an easy target. The result is that more work has been done to secure these shared resources than just about anything in recent memory.

Clouds attract the best tech security people. 
Cloud computing is hot, and companies are pouring loads of resources into it. For that reason, it’s a competitive job market. That means all that code work we mentioned that’s going into cloud security, it’s being done by top-notch professionals.

Private clouds get neglected.
It may not be much to do with the technology itself, and more to do with the cloud being newer and shinier- but the fact is private databases aren’t getting a lot of attention from innovators. That means it’s not as well maintained.

Private cloud staff competency is a black box. 
Your firm may have lots of talented and knowledgeable people, but is data security the primary focus of your business?

Private database attack testing is insufficient.
It’s the same as the last issue, but specific to security testing- it’s just not happening as much as it is in private clouds.