Austin Obtains Additional Data Center

The city of Austin has just finalized the construction of a second data center with a likelihood of more centers to follow.  Cincinnati Bell now has nine CyrusOne data centers built in major cities in Texas, with a tenth one approaching completion in San Antonio.

The data center in Austin has 40,000 square feet of space for servers and rack shelves.  It is located close to the business park in Southeast Austin.  The data center is one of the first 50,000-square-foot facilities the company constructed in Austin. The first center was finished around 2009 and is currently being rented. Furthermore, CyrusOne plans to construct more facilities in close proximity if consumer demand calls for it.

The company states that locating their operations in major cities is an advantage when it comes to attracting large companies as customers. The CEO of the corporation declared that CyrusOne will be able to connect all its data centers in Texas using state of the art communication networks which will give customers the ability to share large quantities of data among equipment located in diverse data centers.

The business says that it has about 90 customers among 1000 companies, which include a wide variety of energy sector businesses including; The British Petroleum Group, Halliburton Company, andOccidental Petroleum Corporation.  The CEO also stated that his corporation is hopeful to work with smaller customer businesses, which CyrusOne trusts will have lasting data center requirements.

CyrusOne manages alleged “co-location” data centers, where its customers are accountable for the maintenance of their servers and server racks in the particular data center. The business projected that their data centers typically employ 15 people per location, but may have many more computer specialists working in the data center who are working for the business consumer or the worker is employed by a third-party company.

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Austin Obtains Additional Data Center - RackSolutions
Austin now has its second data center fully-constructed, a more than 50,000 square-feet facility from CyrusOne.
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