xByte Offers RackSolutions’ Products For Their Refurbished Dell Servers

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Sometimes a company’s IT budget can be a bit tight, especially for new or smaller companies. IT equipment such as servers can be costly, particularly if you require a small server room or data center. Many companies solve this problem by going through Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) or purchasing refurbished equipment. Refurbished Dell servers are an excellent, budget-friendly solution to obtaining cost efficient premium OEM equipment.

xByte Technologies is a premier re-seller of IT equipment with a history of quality service for more than 15 years. xByte specializes in refurbished Dell servers, storage, and parts. The company focuses on the end user, small and medium sized businesses, and enterprise companies. Founded in 2001, the company has its headquarters in Bradenton, Florida but serves customers worldwide. Over the decade, xByte continues to grow exponentially, both in business and physical space. Now with a 30,000 square foot warehouse capable of storing nearly 100,000 servers and their parts, xByte Technologies is interacting with more clients than ever. With user friendly services, customers can easily configure Dell servers on the xByte website, enabling potential buyers to have more custom solutions to better fit their needs at a lower price.

While xByte does offer OEM rail kits, the manufacturer’s rail kits are not always the most efficient solution for the customer. Frequently, OEM rail kits do not properly fit the rack the customer is using to mount their hardware. xByte solves this problem by offering its customers RackSolutions’ rail kits for many of their refurbished Dell servers. RackSolutions has customized rail kits for Dell servers that are compatible with almost any rack. xByte recently expanded its inventory of RackSolutions’ products and now offers the company’s rackmount KVMs and custom server cabinet enclosures ranging from 18U to 42U. This new partnership with RackSolutions provides an even more well-rounded variety of products for xByte customers to choose from.

xByte Offers RackSolutions' Products For Their Refurbished Dell Servers
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xByte Offers RackSolutions' Products For Their Refurbished Dell Servers
xByte has now sells RackSolutions' products for their line refurbished Dell Servers, including custom rail kits, KVMs, and server racks.
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