Microsoft Opening Massive $11M Data Center In Washington State

Cloud computing offers customers a variety of benefits, namely being able to access information and work on projects from a variety of different devices. Information stored ‘in the cloud’ is kept on remote servers rather than on a particular device itself. This type of computing includes everything from Google Docs to most email platforms. The rise in appreciation for this technology has called upon technology companies, such as Microsoft, to provide the data centers necessary to store the information. As they strive to supply customers with this valuable storage space, Microsoft has recently announced an $11 million land deal that will allow them to build a new data center in Quincy, Washington.

The details of Microsoft’s deal with Quincy

Microsoft has purchased 200 acres of land for the new data center for $11 million, which is believed to be the largest deal the city has made. Quincy is already home to another Microsoft data center that is 75 acres, as well as centers for a variety of other internet companies, including Yahoo and Dell. The city’s use of sustainable power makes it appealing for companies looking for green ways to power their centers. The electrical power also tends to be quite affordable for the area, and recent investments in its internet connection now allows companies to get high speeds from the data centers. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2014, with the first phase completed in 2015.

Benefits for Quincy

City leaders believe that this deal will positively impact the city in many ways. The data center will be providing about 100 full time jobs when it is completed. Officials also believe it will help stabilize local electricity charges as well as provide revenue from the land sale and the property taxes. Overall, it will help boost the industrial development of the local area, which will benefit the economy and the local people.

As cloud computing continues to move forward and people increasingly recognize the benefits it offers them on a personal and professional level, companies must build the data centers to accommodate these needs. The new center in Quincy, Washington will not only help the company meet their customer’s demands, but will also help the local economy continue to grow.