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OCP Rail Kits

Availability: In stock

OCP Rail Kits
  • OCP Rail Kits
    OCP Rail Kits
  • 152-5389
  • 152-5037
  • 152-5157
  • 152-5059
Made in America

Compatible with OCP versions 1.1 and above

  • 1OU and 2OU sizes
  • Tool-less (TL) and non tool-less options
  • Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Constructed from high quality 14 GA steel
  • Galvanized finish

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Rack Solutions Promise
Product Name SKU Price Qty
Tool-less OCP Rail Kit 1OU for v1.1 152-5389

Out of stock

Tool-less OCP Rail Kit 2OU for v1.1 152-5157
Tool-less OCP Rail Kit 1OU for v1.0 152-5059



OCP IT rails (Knives) facilitate simple tool-less (TL) installation where equipment or cabling restrict access. Our rail kits are available in 1OU and 2OU form factors. RackSolutions OCP rail kits are compatible with Open Rack versions 1.0 and above.
Please note that v1.0 and v1.1 rails are two different standards and not cross compatible.*

What is the Open Compute Project? (OCP)
The Open Compute Project started in 2011 and stems from Facebook’s initiative to improve energy efficiency, reduce hardware costs, and speed up deployment, by developing their own custom servers, power supplies, server racks and battery backup systems. The rack and equipment itself has evolved from a standardized 19” EIA rack with specialized IT servers to a unique rack with wide equipment and centralized power.
For more info on OCP click here.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Included Hardware 4 Installation screws (Tooled only)
Rail Type OCP Open Rack *v1.0 or v1.1/v1.2*
Finish Galvanized
Rack Units 1OU-2OU
RoHS Compliant Yes

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