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Zombies Could Be Lurking in Your Data Center: Get Rid of Them - 10/20/2016
Chances are your data center could save a small fortune in electrical bills and plug some substantial security holes by powering down unused server hardware. As of the end of 2015, there were 42.8 million physical servers in the world: about a third of these servers, or 12.8 million, were on but not actually doing […]
The OpenCAPI Consortium Will Shape the Future of Data Center Servers - 10/18/2016
Just a mere two days after the announcement of the formation of the Gen-Z Consortium, another announcement came which introduced a second consortium, the OpenCAPI Consortium. The OpenCAPI Consortium was made possible by the efforts of several tech giants coming together with one goal in mind: to raise the bar of data center servers by […]
Who will become the king of the “cloud,” Microsoft, Amazon or Google? - 10/11/2016
The tech race is on to see who is going to become the king of the “cloud.” Microsoft, in an apparent bid to surpass its mighty competition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Google Cloud Platform, announced that it is broadening its European reach of its Azure cloud services by building a new data center […]
SSU Provides Cheaper Alternative to Colocation - 10/06/2016
Sometimes, securing server racks with sensitive equipment can be a hassle, especially in a shared work environment. These days, an entire server cabinet is not always necessary, and more small businesses have moved to more economic and safe saving options, by sharing Rackspace in an environment called “colocation”.  A third party colocation environment has many […]
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