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AisleLok® Aisle Doors & Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

Availability: In stock

AisleLok® Aisle Doors & Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

Bi-Directional Doors

  • Supports increased reliability and availability of IT equipment by reducing server intake temperatures and eliminating hot spots
  • Allows for higher rack densities
  • No tools required for installation: attaches directly to side of the end of the aisle cabinet using non-interfering twist lock magnets
  • Can easily be removed and reapplied in minutes as your computer room needs change
  • Includes a door stopper to hold door as needed.

Rack Gap Panel Features

  • Tool-less installation allows attachment directly to the cabinet side panel magnetically
  • Covers gap widths from 10” to 60” (250-1500mm)
  • Can easily be removed and reapplied in minutes as your computer room needs change
  • Reduces exhaust air recirculation
    NOTE: This information was provided by Upsite Technologies®.

System Compatible With These Racks

Parts ship 3rd party and could delay transit times.

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Bi- Directional Doors 48"X42U 557-7306
Bi- Directional Doors 48"X45U 557-7307
Bi- Directional Doors 48"X48U 557-7308
Bi- Directional Doors 48"X50U 557-7309
Adjustable Rack Gap Panel 10"-60"X42U 557-7310
Adjustable Rack Gap Panel 10"-60"X45U 557-7311
Adjustable Rack Gap Panel 10"-60"X48U 557-7312
Adjustable Rack Gap Panel 10"-60"X50U 557-7313



The AisleLok Bi-Directional Doors are a key component in Upsite’s AisleLok Modular Containment solution. The doors can be used with or without the AisleLok Rack Top Baffles; however, for maximum benefit both products are recommended. The AisleLok Adjustable Rack Gap Panel is an ideal solution for closing off gaps between racks, such as spaces for building support columns.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Assembly Notes All required tools and hardware are included
Assembly time: approximately 2 minutes
RoHS Compliant Yes