HotLok® Blanking Panels & Pass Through Blanking Panel

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HotLok® Blanking Panels & Pass Through Blanking Panel

Prevents mixing of hot and cold air

  • Use 1U-2U versions on cabinets with standard 19-inch rail widths (483 millimeter)
  • Mount in any 19" square hole rack
  • Mount in any 23" square hole rack (582-5803 only )
  • Avaliable in white and black options.
  • Use the version with Temperature Strips to determine the temperature at that position in the cabinet.

Identify temperatures within a particular range, accurate to within +/- 1° C:

  • Blue: Recommended Operating Range based on recommendations from ASHRAE P/N 185-4663
  • Yellow: Allowable Operating Range based on equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for Class 1 IT equipment P/N 185-4663
  • Red: Outside Allowable Operating Range, indicates a definite risk P/N 185-4663
  • What is a Filler Panel?
NOTE: This information was provided by Upsite Technologies®. The blanking panels only work with square hole racks.

Alternate filler panels

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HotLok® Black 1U 23" Filler Panel 10 Pack 582-5803

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The HotLok® Blanking Panel is a snap-in blanking panel that seals the rack 29% better than the nearest competitor and helps you identify hotspots within minutes of installation. The cabinet temperatures are indicated in color-coded ranges, depending on location of temperature strip panel. The state-of-the-art technology, designed for both 1U and 2U openings, controls airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dell Part Number
185-4659 - A8554375

185-4663 - A8554388
Tool-less/Standard Tool-less
Material Plastic
Amazon ASIN 185-4659 = B0126SZULM
185-4660 = B0126T02VE
185-4661 = B0126T0VLU
185-4662 = B0150OIIHW
185-4663 = B0126T18H6
185-4664 = B0126T1F9M
185-4665 = B0126T1K88
RoHS Compliant Yes
Vented/Non-Vented Non-Vented
TAA Compliant No