server vs nas

Should I use a NAS or server?

  Having extra, wirelessly accessible storage is attractive for everyone from homes to corporations, but there is a learning curve in picking the right equipment. For homes and small businesses in particular, choosing between a NAS or server can be…

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hyperscale data center

What is a hyperscale cloud data center?

  As demand for data grows throughout the 2000’s, so do hyperscale data centers. That is because a hyperscale data center is a solution that allows digital platforms to store and transfer data more efficiently.  Hyperscale, in the data center…

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dell tower server

Installing a tower server into a server rack

  Oftentimes, an enthusiast or business might purchase a tower server and plan to upgrade as their IT needs grow. When the time to expand comes, should they buy a new rack server or install the old tower server into…

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top server rack accessories

Top 8 most important accessories for server racks

  Inherently, accessories aren’t ‘necessary.’ Server rack accessories, on the other hand, exist in more of a gray area. This is because one might lose their mind if they try to manage a 42U server rack with no cable management…

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