Best rackmount keyboard and monitors

Best server rack monitors and keyboards

  The most convenient place to keep monitors and keyboards for your IT equipment is right inside of your server rack. Unfortunately, the nice QHD ultrawide monitor that you might be used to is incapable of fitting. Similarly, a server…

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Dell PowerEdge r620

Dell PowerEdge R620: Specs and Rack Compatibility

  Dell introduced the PowerEdge R620 in 2012. It was a powerful and compact server that impressed critics with it’s strong virtualization capabilities. The PowerEdge R620 has a thriving aftermarket with sub $500 price tags. Still, eight years after release,…

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Guide How to Buy a Server Rack

The complete guide to buying a server rack

  There are many variables to be aware of when setting up IT equipment in a server rack. Because of this, pairing mounting equipment with IT equipment can be complex. In order to make effective use of your time and…

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