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What Is Rack Mounting Depth?  

  Rack mount depth is commonly confused with the overall rack depth including the door. However, the mounting depth is actually the dimension from the front mounting post to the back mounting post. Rack Mounting Depth The mounting depth refers…

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Fiber Optic Cable Management

How to manage fiber optic cables in a server rack

Technicians need to be a bit more cautious when implementing cable management on fiber optic cables than copper wire counterparts.  It’s not because fiber optic cables are much more delicate, in fact, the glass core is so thin that it…

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soundproof server rack

Can you soundproof a server rack?

  If you’ve seen a soundproof booth before, you might think that it should be simple to soundproof a server rack. Many racks can easily fit inside of a soundproof booth, and some cabinets even have room to install acoustic…

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Seismic Server Racks

How do seismic rack cabinets work?

  A single server rack can house hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Because of this, system administrators need to be sure that their rack can handle any hardship that the surrounding environment might bring to them. In…

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