Why colocation cabinets are so effective

What is a Colocation Cabinet?

  Colocation rack cabinets provide a secure, self-contained means for 2-4 tenants to share a single rack enclosure. A colocation cabinet is primarily used by businesses that rely on data center colocation services for hosting and maintaining their IT equipment. …

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Fiber Optic Cable Management

Lit Fiber vs. Dark Fiber: What’s the Difference?

  Fiber optic cables are designed for high-performance data networking and telecommunications. When working with fiber optic cables, you may hear terms such as “lit fiber” and “dark fiber”. So what’s the difference between lit fiber and dark fiber?  The…

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What is Dark Fiber and How Does It Work

  Dark fiber, also known as unlit fiber, refers to fiber optic cables that have been laid underground and do not have service or traffic running on the fiber strands. It is typically used for telecom and network communications. Ultimately,…

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Trouble in data center

How to Label a Data Center and IT Equipment

  To properly maintain a data center and network facilities, you need to establish what is being deployed, where it’ll be deployed, the purpose of each component, and what the component connects to. By using labels, you will be able…

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