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Open Frame Wall Mounted Rack

Availability: In stock

Open Frame Wall Mounted Rack
  • 12U x 4U, Wall Rack
  • 12U x 4U Wall Rack shown with 2 side panels and front cover
  • 12U x 4U Wall Rack with four, 1U servers mounted
  • Wall Rack with patch panels, network switches and a shelf
  • 3U Filler Panel on top of 4U rack leaves 1U space open for cable access
  • Side view of 12U x 4U Wall Rack with two, 1U servers mounted
  • Close-up of bottom, inside corner of Wall Rack
  • Close-up of top, outside corner of Wall Rack
Made in America
Open Frame Wall Mounted Rack

Availability: In stock

9 configurations for any application

  • 12U, 15U, 21U heights (front mount)
  • 4U, 6U, 9U depths (top/bottom mount)
  • 300 - 400 lb capacity
  • Optional side panels, front covers, top panels

Wall mount networking equipment or servers

  • Wall mount 19" rack mount equipment
  • Front mount up to 21U of rack equipment
  • Top mount up to 9U of servers (use 15U [29.95"] height)
  • *Be sure your server rails will extend to 29.95" before ordering
  • Open design allows for optimal air flow
  • Easy cable access & tie points
  • Convenient U space markings


  • Patch panels & network devices
  • Small, peripheral devices
  • Servers or storage systems
  • Installations requiring moderate security
  • How to select a Wall Mount Rack

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Rack Solutions Promise




Side Panels and Front Cover

These tool-less, non-locking, side panels come in 9 different sizes and are sold as single units. You must order 2 side panels per rack if you wish to install side panels on the left and right side of the rack. Wall mount rack side panels are easy to install.
Front Covers for the Open Frame Wall Mount Rack are available in 12U, 15U and 21U sizes.

Filler Panels

Tool-less Filler Panels may be used to fill in the open spaces on the front, top or bottom of the Wall Mount Rack. Below, on the left, is a photo of a Wall Mount Rack with 4U of space on the top. A 3U filler panel encloses most of the top but leaves 1U of open space. In the image on the right, a power distribution unit has been installed in the previously available 1U of space. Standard Filler Panels are also compatible with the Open Frame Wall Mount Racks.


These solid or vented shelves made for 2 post racks fit nicely in this Wall Mount Rack. Depending on the depth of the rack you select, you may choose a 7" or 13" shelf. They're great when you need a place to set a wireless access device or another piece of equipment that doesn't mount in a rack.

Power Strips

Any of these horizontal power strips will easily mount to the top, bottom, front or back of this Wall Mount Rack.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Rack Type Open Frame, Wall Mount
Rack Internal Width EIA 19" Standard Rack
Included Hardware (2) Frames
(4) Posts

Assembly Hardware Kit
(32) 10-32 x .375" Flat Head Screws

Mounting Hardware Kit
(4) .25" Hex Lag Screws
(4) .281 Flat Washers

Rack Mount Hardware Kit
(20) 12-24 x .500" Pan Head Screws
(20)12-24 Cage Nuts
Assembly Notes Assembly time is less than 10 minutes
Requires only a #2 Phillips Screwdriver
Rack Units
  • Vertical:12U, 15U, 21U heights
  • Horizontal:4U, 6U, 9U depths top and bottom
RoHS Compliant Yes

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