Can you soundproof a server rack?


If you’ve seen a soundproof booth before, you might think that it should be simple to soundproof a server rack. Many racks can easily fit inside of a soundproof booth, and some cabinets even have room to install acoustic panels. 

Unfortunately, servers need a bit more airflow than your average human singing which can make things difficult. On one hand, acoustic server racks are very effective, but on the other, they’re difficult to build yourself and might cost a reasonable amount of cash.

DIY Server Rack Soundproofing 

Soundproofing a server rack yourself isn’t something that even the most avid enthusiasts recommend

In a rack, there are usually multiple servers, in each server, there are multiple components that have specific operating temperatures. If even one of these components fails or has to be throttled because of high temperatures, users may experience decreased performance or crashes. 

In order to soundproof a rack, it needs to be as isolated as possible. Lining cabinet walls with mass loaded vinyl would be easy enough, but then you still need a solution for the doors.

Ultimately, the cabinet will need to be sealed off as much as possible because air leakage will also leak noise. At the same time, adequate airflow is necessary for longevity of components and their uptime. 

Usually air flows through the front of the rack, or a vented door and out of the back in the same manner. When sealing a rack, you need to design a mechanism for large amounts of air to flow through the rack while minimizing the amount of open space. 

Creating a rack with these features can be difficult depending on your experience level in engineering, woodworking or manufacturing. 

Still, if you’re up to the task, check out this video for some awesome insight into the process:

Or… You could allow us make you something custom

At RackSolutions, we specialize in making custom products for customers with unique needs. If you are looking to commission a few acoustic server racks, then feel free to give us a call or email.

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