5 Benefits of a 42U Server Cabinet

Server racks offer companies and individuals the ability to maximize the potential of their servers. Since servers are the most important component of a network system, it’s important to take care of them. Purchasing the best server cabinets from quality rack dealers offers you the best way to protect your servers. One popular option is the 42u server rack, which offers many features and benefits.

Benefit #1 – Provides Room to Grow

The capacity of the 42u server cabinet offers you room to grow. Since the cabinet comes with 1670 lb capacity, the high weight limit makes it easy to add servers to the rack without exceeding the maximum weight capacity of the rack. The rack also offers an adjustable mounting depth, allowing the rack to be used with multiple server sizes.

Benefit #2 – Improves Security

Since the 42u server cabinet comes with lockable sides and doors, the rack helps improve security. The locked panels keep unwanted individuals out. While locking the sides and doors improves security, it’s also possible to upgrade to more secure locks to further secure the servers.

Benefit #3 – Provides Better Server Performance

This server rack also offers the benefit of better server performance. Airflow is essential for quality performance and the 42u cabinet offers 76% perforation on the cabinet doors, ensuring that the airflow exceeds OEM airflow requirements. With proper airflow, you avoid multiple problems, such as overheating, improving the performance of your servers.

Benefit #4 – Compatible with Equipment from Multiple Vendors

The 42u server cabinet is compatible with equipment from multiple vendors, including IBM, Dell, HP, Sun and more. The ability to work with a wide variety of servers makes it an excellent choice.

Benefit #5 – Makes Maintenance Easy

Maintenance becomes easier with this server rack. Shelves ensure that servers are easily accessible, making routine maintenance a breeze. The door system on the rack can be hinged as well, making side door access easy. If security is not an issue, this cabinet is customizable, making it possible to use the cabinet as an open frame rack if desired.

Customers looking for racks to secure their servers while boosting performance will find that 42u server rack an excellent option. With all the features and benefits offered, this server rack is an excellent investment.

5 Benefits of a 42U Server Cabinet - RackSolutions
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5 Benefits of a 42U Server Cabinet - RackSolutions
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