Dell Offering New Financing Options for SMBs

Small- and medium-sized businesses planning to invest in new server racks and other equipment to support Dell servers or peripherals could be in a position to take advantage of a new financing opportunity.

Dell has announced plans to offer financing to SMBs, enterprise customers and public sector organizations hoping to create new opportunities for innovation and IT expansion.

According to a Dell sponsored survey performed by IDC, one of Dell’s financing plans, which features trade-in opportunities with x86 servers, is proving quite beneficial. IDC found a plan that allows organizations to trade in x86 servers after three years saves as much as 25 percent over pushing the device through a six-year life cycle and replacing it.

“Business leaders are continuing to challenge their IT departments to enable innovation within their organizations while reducing total operating costs. To achieve this, IT professionals will need to shift their IT acquisition model from ‘buy once, fix forever’ to an ‘acquire, run and renew’ approach,” said Joseph Pucciarelli, program director of technology financing and executive strategies at IDC.

Recently, Dell announced a number of new upgrades to its line of PowerEdge servers. The enhancements feature new processing technology from AMD, and are designed to provide a high-performance server solution.

Dell Offering New Financing Options for SMBs - RackSolutions
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Dell Offering New Financing Options for SMBs - RackSolutions
Dell is offering financing plans which involve trading in x86 servers for small- and medium-sized businesses in order to create opportunities for innovation and expansion.
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