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racksolutions-faqBelow are some of the questions, we are frequently asked while on the road at conventions and through our customer support venue. I have done my best to outline the key points to each of the answers for these questions for you; however, for further clarification or support, please contact us here and we will assist you with any further inquiries regarding server rack solutions.

What Are Some of the Trends That You See in the Racks for Data Centers?

  • 30” Wide racks to provide more cable management options
  • Taller racks to rack more servers and switches while using less space in a DC
  • Increased security on server racks
  • More custom configurations for the DC facility – no more one size works for all applications

What is Something that RackSolutions Racks Offer to the Data Center Market?

We offer, customized high quality server racks and cabinets that meet the dimensions of the customer’s layout. Our racks are exceptionally sturdy and are ideal for integrators that populate the rack at an offsite location and then ship fully loaded racks to data center. We also offer custom racking and cable management solutions that the large rack companies to do not provide

Letting servers run hot can dramatically reduce cooling expenses.What is a Strength of RackSolutions? Why?

RackSolutions designs and manufactures in US Custom which allows us to create custom solutions and deliver with short lead times
We have Experience in solving the problems of large industry leaders. Our engineering and support staff are passionate about what they do.

What Type of Markets can RackSolutions Support?

  • We directly support some emerging vertical markets such as:
  • A large percentage of our sales are driven by the small office market where the customer is looking for 1-2 racks with some type of accessory products.
  • We provide racks and accessories such as shelves and server rails for large data centers to small office departments.

1. Medical Market- We have wall & monitor mounts used in medical centers.

2. AV Market- We have racks and equipment that are made for Telco and AV equipment.

What Is Something That Customers Often do not Know about RackSolutions?

We make more than Racks and Cabinets. We make a wide assortment of different types of rail kits. We support every major manufacturer’s server line. When the OEM ceases to support legacy equipment we will continue to support those devices. Our long standing relationships with these OEMs allows us to provide support for their new devices as well. When they release a new product, we are ready to support it.

  • We manufacture our own parts at our Texas factory and ship our products globally.
  • We have sales, technical support and warehouse locations in the UK, EU and CA.
  • Our engineering office is 44 steps from our manufacturing plant

What Advantage Does tool-less Products Provide Customers?

  • Reduces installation time to reduce labor costs
  • Promotes shorter deployment times and a faster commissioning date.

Are There Any Standard Server Racks?

A 19-inch rack is still the standard (internal) enclosure width for mounting server and network equipment. The 42U x 24″ Wide by 42″ deep used to be the benchmark but the 45U, 47U and 48U tend to be the standard heights depending on region. In 2014, over 50% of our rack sales were racks taller than 50U.

RackSolutions FAQ
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RackSolutions FAQ
Here is a list of FAQs asked at conventions and through our customer support venue. For further clarification or support, please contact us here
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