Three Tips for Better Server Cable Management

If your company has dozens of servers and computers, chances are that the tangled mess of cables will, at some point of time, get on your nerves. Tangled cables are not only unsightly but make it difficult to troubleshoot various problems. Following are three tips that can help you organize your cables and keep them organized long-term.


Labeling the cables may take time, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. If the cables are clearly labelled, you will easily be able to tell which wire goes with any given server. Labels can be easily made using colored tape and a permanent marker.

Bundle Excess Cables

Ideally, you should move your servers close to a power outlet and purchase short cables. However, many ready-made cables are quite long and most companies cannot afford to make their own. An easy alternative to ordering customized cables is to bundle excess cable using a twist tab.

Invest in Cable Management

Cable management racks, arms, trays and bars come in many sizes, shapes and styles. These provide storage space for your cables, making it easy to organize them.

These cable management systems are made to standard specifications, making them a viable option for any company. However, you will need to consider how long and wide you need your device to be and determine which exact cable management system would work best for you. As you look over your options, consider not just your present needs but also future ones. If you intend to expand your network, buy a cable management system that provides more than the exact amount of space you need right now.

Organizing cables is not as difficult as it may initially seem. While it may take some time to find a cable management system that works best for you, it is well worth your efforts. Labeling cables and bundling them will make it easy for you to find the cable you need, when you need it. You may also find that investing in a rack system for the cables will help to improve your office’s appearance and decor.

Three Tips for Better Server Cable Management - RackSolutions
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Three Tips for Better Server Cable Management - RackSolutions
Better manage your cables by labeling them, bundling them using zip ties or velcro, and investing in cable management arms and trays.
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